Reasons Companies Should Use Custom Logo Flash Drives for Trade Shows

People at an ExhibitionExhibiting at a trade show offers many benefits for companies. Most importantly, trade shows allow you to increase the exposure of your business and products, connect with potential buyers, and generate highly targeted business leads.

Trade shows are getting bigger and bigger every year, as more businesses want to reap the benefits that these events offer. The average trade show has hundreds of exhibitors, who have the same goal— to attract more customers to their business. At every booth they visit, event attendees are given a company catalog that explains the brand and its products and services in more detail. Your company’s catalog may contain great content, but attendees receive countless catalogs from the hundreds of businesses they visit. The pile of catalogs attendees accumulate is heavy, bulky and occupies a lot of space. A lot of people who attend trade shows are traveling from out of town and the chance that your catalog will make it home with them is slim.

No matter how meaningful a connection you make with someone at a trade show, your business catalog is the final piece that will convince customers to follow through and do business with your company. This is difficult if your catalog ends up lost or thrown away. To make a more profound impression and ensure event attendees hold onto your information and sales pitch, nix the paper catalogs and use custom logo flash drives instead.

Custom logo flash drives present many advantages over paper catalogs. These benefits include:

  • Flash drives are small, lightweight and portable, making them easy for event attendees to take with them.
  • Companies that use custom logo flash drives to deliver content to their customers experience an increase in lead generation and inquiries from customers after trade shows.
  • It’s easier for customers to find information in a digital format like PDF files. They are able to search for specific keywords to locate the information they’re looking for, which is especially beneficial when company catalogs are hundreds of pages long and contain thousands of products.
  • For companies, it’s easier and cheaper to transport flash drives to their trade show locations, compared to paper catalogs.
  • Not only can flash drives contain PDF files, but also they can contain presentation slides and videos, which help increase a customer’s interest in the product.

Maximize the success of your business at your next trade show. Utilize custom logo flash drives to generate more leads and close more sales. At ExpressCustomUSB, we offer a wide range of custom USB drives that exhibit the highest-quality materials, design and data retention capabilities, as well as the fastest read and write speeds. Visit us online at today to create your custom logo USB flash drives.


  • Bablofil

    Thanks, great article.

  • Kylie Dotts

    Your recommendation to use some kind of promotional USB to store the info about your company seems to be a good one! A USB is much more valuable to an individual than a magazine or catalog is which increases the likelihood that they will hold onto it. Every time they see it they will be reminded of your company and have all the information about what you do right there in the palm of their hand.

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