package 1

Small Magnet Box

This plastic case with a foam inlay cut is quite a popular choice. It perfectly fits the shape of your flash drive and has a magnetic clasp. This is an excellent gift that offers complete protection to your memory stick. It is available in various prints and adds to the overall impact of the flash drive.


Product Dimension:     94 x 45 x 20mm
Imprint Area:                 70 x 25mm

package 2
Big Magnet Box

This compact yet stylish box has been designed to hold your USBs perfectly. They are faintly transluscent with a white finish. They can be either supplied blank or overprinted, as per the wish of the customer. These boxes are a sturdy choice for your flash drives.


Product Dimension:     100 x 70 x 22mm
Imprint Area:                 80 x 50mm

package 3
Metal Flip Box

These kinds of stylish boxes are compact and yet have a balanced size with a substantial imprint space. It features a foam inlay specially tailored to fit the flash drive.  It comes with a hinged lip that keeps the top firmly fixed. They are also available for colour printing.


Product Dimension:     93 x 57 x 19mm
Imprint Area:                84 x 55mm

package 4
Metal Tin Box

This is one of the most popular picks for gifting an USB. It is supplied with a foam insert, cut out in a manner that fits the size of the USB. It can accommodate a lanyard key ring attachment or any other kind of light-printed material. If you are looking for a standard USB case at the best possible price, this is your perfect choice.


Product Dimension:     120 x 90 x 25mm
Imprint Area:                 110 x 80mm

package 5
Wooden Slide Box

The wooden slide boxes perfectly complement the wooden range of flash drives. They are available in different kinds of prints and engravings. Apart from the classy finish and rich flair, these are considerably strong  to protect the USBs.


Product Dimension:     80 x 50 x 25mm
Imprint Area:                 56 x 35mm

package 6
Wooden Flip Box

This kind of wooden flip boxes complement the wide variety of wooden flash drives but are also suitable for other range of products. They can be printed or engraved and are long lasting and quite sturdy. The wooden finish unleashes the elegant and sophisticated flair attached to this box.


Product Dimension:     82 x 53 x 20mm
Imprint Area:                 68 x 40mm