Serial Number

Serial Number printing is one of the unique printing solutions offered only by ExpressCustomUSB

Do you want Serial Numbering on your USB Flash Drives? At ExpressCustomUSB, we can assign serial numbers to each drive irrespective of your order size. This is one of our biggest USP and separates us from companies that sell ‘off-the-shelf’ products. Assigning Serial Numbers to USB Drives have many advantages as it allows you to trace the end-user of the drive and also know what it is being used for.

Serial Numbering Solutions

We offer you a number of printing and engraving options that helps meet your niche needs and brands your business. As a customer, you have complete control over the serial numbering process. You will decide how the number is printed, the number of characters that would be a part of the numbering, any special numbering series. Our experts would guide you through the best serial numbering process based on your choice of USB drives and their outer shells. Since serial numbering involves additional setup for individual drives we would charge you nominal additional fee over your standard order quote.

Along with Serial Numbering, we also offer you the option of ordering signature strips as this allows the user to easily personalize the drive. Over the years, we have numbered products for several businesses and institutions and they have found ever more creative ways of using these Serial Numbers. Here are some examples –

  • Businesses that distribute sensitive data among their employees find it easy to track the use of this data and locate the user in case of data loss. This also prevents misuse of USB drives which is becoming quite common.
  • Serial Numbering also allows businesses to customize data preloading for different segment of users and customers. They are able to easily identify the contents of each drive by merely looking at the Serial Numbers.
  • Universities and colleges are making use of this serial numbering to identify students with their Flash Drives. This eases the process of sorting and identifying projects when USB drives are being used to submit them.

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