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Screen Printing

It is one of the most tested printing techniques where a screen and stencil is used to print over a surface. In USB branding, it is the most desired technique for printing logos. Our in-house screen printing team uses a finely woven porous fabric around a frame that allows us to print your logos with 1-4 colors when there is no shading or gradients.


During this printing process, non-permeable stencil obscures certain areas of the surface while the fabric allows the ink to penetrate the desired surface areas. In a case of multi-colored printing, we would create multiple screens and print them one after another. We can create any shade of color using our Pantone Matching. All metallic shells are heated in a state-of-the-art oven post printing to ensure their durability.

MT715 5 Engraved
Laser Engraving

This is one of the latest branding technologies in the market. We have invested on cutting edge laser technology that allows us to offer different strengths on a wide range of materials right from metal to wood. Unlike printing, this technology relies on using thermal energy to imprint your logo or brand name on the surface of the USB casing.

When the surface comes in contact with a laser, it immediately vaporizes the area creating a fine mark. We use computer tools to accurately program the movement and position of the laser to achieve desired effects. The laser engravings stay true for many years and are scratch resistance.

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If you opt for leather USB Flash Drives hot stamping is the ideal method of branding your product. This is an age old lithography technology which is used to create a 3D effect on the surface of the Flash Drives. Here a metal die is forced on the surface at high pressure and temperature.


This dry printing technique creates deep impressions on the surface of the drives which make them among the most durable branding solution. We have a state-of-the-art hot press that allows us to print your logos and text on the surface which leaves the lasting impression.

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Photo Printing

As the name suggests this involves printing a photograph on the surface of the USB Flash Drive. Though this is quite similar to desktop printing we use advanced printing equipment that allows us to print portraits, images and all other kinds of graphics on the surface of the drive in high resolution. Varying the amounts of CMYK for each pixel we can reproduce any image on the Flash Drive.


When you have logos with multiple colors or intricate graphics this serves as the best branding solution. Our in-house resign experts ensure that printing on your products is of the highest quality and the surface can resist minor scratches and bumps. This technique is ideal for Card USB or Complex Logos.