Why Photographers Are Switching to Custom USB Drives

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As a photographer, you need an easy way to deliver your photography images to your clients. In the past, the simplest and best method was CDs/DVDs. While DVDs are relatively inexpensive, the process of printing your custom label and preparing the packaging is tedious and time-consuming. Many photographers have replaced DVDs with custom USB drives. Flash drives offer number benefits over DVDs. They exhibit greater versatility, portability and quality, offer more options for customization, and deliver better user experience. Here’s why your photography business should switch to custom USB drives:

Versatility and Portability

Computers and laptops were earlier outfitted with floppy disk drives. As we know, that was replaced by CD/DVD disk drives. Nowadays, many laptops and computers no longer have CD disk drives. Instead, they only have ports for USB sticks. Tablets, as well as some smartphones, also have USB ports, where you can easily plug in your USB drive.  Choosing USB drives instead of DVDs ensures your clients can view their photos from any device. Additionally, USBs are small and portable, making them easy for your clients to carry with them.


USB drives are of higher quality than DVDs. DVDs can be easily damaged by fingerprints and scratches. Whether they’re made of wood, leather, metal or plastic, USBs from ExpressCustomUSB are fingerprint-resistant and don’t easily scratch, crack or break. Our USBs also exhibit the finest print quality. We use the most state-of-the-art printing technology, so your name or logo won’t fade or flake. Aside from their design, our USB drives are prized for their high quality data retention capabilities and fast read and write speeds.


USB drives offer endless opportunities for customization. Your custom USB drives and packaging can be designed to perfectly match your brand for consistency and good presentation for your clients. You can choose everything from the material, style and memory size, to the engraving and packaging. There are a variety of different styles of USBs to pick from, including classic USBs, key-shaped USBs, business card USBS and custom-shaped USBs.

User Experience

Because of all the above benefits, custom USB drives deliver better user experience to your clients. Make a lasting impression on your clients with USB drives from ExpressCustomUSB. We are the top-rated USB supplier offering the highest quality products with factory direct pricing, free shipping and fast turnaround. Visit ExpressCustomUSB.com today to place your custom order.

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