Custom USB Drives and Why People Love Them

With so many options for custom USB drives, you may not know where to start. It helps to consider each of the custom USB options and why they might be right for you. These include:

Classic USB

The classic USB drive offers users a long-lasting and useful reminder of your company and brand. There are also a number of options for customizing classic USB drives, like:

  • Wristband USB drives that utilize slap bands
  • Capped USB drives with strong caps that add durability
  • Keychain USB drives with metal rings
  • Square USB drives for a distinctive look and logo display

Swivel USB

The innovative swivel cap on swivel USB drives allows users to easily protect their USB drive, without worrying about losing the cap. Swivel USBs also come in unique shapes like circles, as well as a variety of materials.


The key-shaped USB drive is a sleek and practical twist on USB drives, allowing customers to securely store their USB drive on a key ring. This means that they’ll carry a useful and attractive reminder of your brand or message anywhere they use their keys.

Key-shaped USB drives made of high-quality durable metal will not break like their plastic counterparts, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

As CNET’s Dan Ackerman wrote, the “key-shaped USB drive solves my portable data dilemma.”

Business Card USB

The business card USB drive provides your brand with a large surface area for a logo, slogan, or information about your institution, while also allowing users to easily transport their USB drive in a wallet or business card holder.

Metal, Leather and Wooden USBs

Stylish materials like metal, leather and wood can take your custom USB drive to the next level. Leather and wooden USB drives retain beauty and texture for years to come, while metal USB drives provide durability and a modern, sleek look. No matter what image or message you want to promote, custom USB drives can help you get there.

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