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The large surface area of the card gives you lots of space for promoting your brand and this makes it a favorite. With screen printing you can tailor the card to meet your marketing campaign. Feature a logo, print your slogans or mention about your products and services. The option with this flip US drives are limitless.



We offer free pantone matching
service when you order 250
units or more Learn More


Available in USB 2.0
Available in USB 3.0

Print Area

Branding Options

It is one of the most tested printing techniques where a screen and stencil is used to print over a surface. Learn More…

As the name suggest, this involves printing an image on the surface of the USB Flash Drive. Learn More…

This method gives a professional look as the material is removed with the pulse of the laser. Learn More…

Leather is stamped using high heat and pressure to create an impression of your logo. Learn More…


Data Preloading
One of the most commonly used service by our customers. We can pre-load all type of applications and documents like word, pdf, presentation, etc. Learn More

Data Lock / Dual Zone
Protect your data from deletion by end users. We will lock the files so no one can delete the files pre-loaded on the flash drives. Learn More

Auto Run
Auto-Run feature allows you to launch the application or media that you want your users to see everytime they insert the fash drive into a computer. Learn More

Volume Label
Give your brand more exposure with Volume Label. We assign a name to the flash drive so when inserted, it will show your company name instead of blank USB Icon. Learn More